Cloud Accounting

Find out why cloud accounting is good for business

Technology is revolutionising how accountants and businesses alike operate. The major driver of this change is cloud accounting. Cloud accounting allows a company to access their accounting records from an offsite provider via the internet, rather than company-owned and maintained hardware and software.

Not only is the software now more accessible it is also more affordable. Cloud accounting providers offer a range of high quality software packages available on a monthly subscription basis. This is particularly beneficial for the SME sector.

cloud software

With the introduction of online accounting software we can now access your key information on-line and in real-time, enabling your business to work smarter and faster. Online access has the added benefit of encouraging greater collaboration between businesses and their advisors which in turn leads to better results.

Summary benefits of cloud accounting:

  • Access anywhere
  • Cost
  • Greater collaboration with key advisors
  • Real time information
  • Dashboard with key performance indicators

How we can help your business:

At Hailston + Co our aim is to ensure our clients achieve their desired success. Cloud accounting enables us to work more closely with you in real time which in turn can only lead to better results.

We understand you didn’t go into business to become an accountant, so why not talk to us about your cloud accounting options that will make your business function that little bit more efficiently. We will show you how to maximise your investment in this technology.