Retirement Estate Planning

Helping you grow in every way

The retirement phase of people’s lives is fundamentally different from anything leading up to retirement and can be daunting. We can help you to design and meet your retirement needs and objectives.

Our experience has shown there are three distinct phases in strategic retirement planning.

  1. Accumulation phase, with the focus on strategies to accumulate assets for retirement;
  2. Retirement phase, where focus is on strategies to optimise pension and investment structures and financial outcomes; and
  3. Estate planning phase, with focus on ways to protect assets and derive optimal financial outcomes for intended beneficiaries. Failure to design an effective estate plan can lead to reduced wealth for beneficiaries, and or unnecessary taxation liabilities.

We provide the following retirement and estate planning services:

  • Design and Implementation of Income Streams
  • Pension and Investment Structures
  • Capital Gains Tax rollover strategies
  • Centrelink eligibility
  • Taxation advice for retirement and your estate
  • Protection of assets and distribution of assets
  • Optimisation of financial outcomes for beneficiaries